Printed Pants


The season is "print" season and one of the must haves are those slouchy printed pajama pants:) And as soon as I saw this one I understood it is fully suited to me with its colors and fit! Plus, do not forget to grab some colored leather bracelets this season and combine them with beaded ones, bangles and more.

Pantolon//Pants KOTON
Triko//Sweater ZARA
Ayakkabı // Shoes L.A.M.B
Çanta// Purse Londra'dan (London)
Kolyeler // Necklaces NİLİ SILVER
Plaka Bilezik // Plate Bracelet NİLİ SILVER
Küpeler // Earrings H&M
Mavi Boncuk Bilezik // Blue Beaded Bracelet KOTON
Deri Bileklik // Leather Bracelet LİDYANA.COM

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