It's been a long long time since I last came here to Kuşadası. My childhood memories still as clear as if they are just happened. This outfit is from my first evening with grandma, just before a long lazy walk and dinner. The color suits well with the sunset:)

Elbise/Dress GAMZE SARACOGLU; Kemerler/Belts POLO GARAGE ve İPEKYOL ; Kolye/Necklace NİLİ SILVER; Taşlı Bilezik/ Bracelet with Gems KAPALIÇARŞI; 
Plaka Bilezik/Gold Bangle KISMET by MİLKA; Kalpli Bileklik/Heart Bracelet: BATİK; Sandalet/Sandals NINE WEST; Oversize Gözlük/Sunnies FENDI (MARCHON)

Bu kombinde elbisem kadar bayıldığım şeyler aksesuarlarımın her biri! Hep kemik gözlük takan ben bu Fendi metal çerçeve bebeğe bayıldım  ♥

Photos: Bertuğ Sevinç

Run To The Beach


Finally! It's my turn for a great summer vacation, not too long, still it makes me feel great. The photo above is a little hint for my Monday surprise;) A gorgeous giveaway is waiting for you!



Wearing too cozy and slouchy stuff is not my style, as is obvious from my tight clothes, tighter belts, high heels from Boomstyle posts:) But this outfit with a loose top and pyjama pants was soooo light that I don't know how I can wear my dresses again! The photos are taken in Istanbul city boat during a short trip yesterday:)

Plaka Bilezik/Plated Gold Bracelet: KISMET by MİLKA ; Saat/Watch: TRIWA ; Neon Bilezik / Neon Bracelet: BATYA KEBUDİ ; Çanta/Purse Londra'dan (From London) ; Ayakkabılar/Wedges: NINE WEST

Son günlerin ennn çok konuşulan pembesi:) Oben Budak "Falan Filan". Keyifle okumaya başladık, pek entrikalı kih kih.

Son zamanlarda en çok gelen sorulardan biri Instagram'da hangi app.ları kullandığım:) Sayıyorum:

Don't Call Me Babe

Photo: Zeynep Güçlüten

I've never been a tshirt person. Never own many, never liked the ones with a message.) But I do love this very cute piece of mine. This "bebek" may be my one and only tee crash, so it deserves a nice styling with designer pieces:) ♥

Gözlük/Sunnies: VALENTINO ; Etek/Skirt: MY BEST FRIENDS
Yüzük/Ring: KISMET by MİLKA ; Deri Bileklik/ Leather Bracelet: LİDYANA yeni sezon
Tshirt: TBOX; Kemer/Belt: ZARA eski sezon



As an Aquarius sea is vital for me, yet I was able to swim only 3 times this year:( Still craving for a summer vacation and forgive me I'm weining about this again and again. This outfit was from Alaçatı nearly a month ago, how I wish I was there:) 

Gömlek/Shirt: H&M for WATER ; Kolye/Necklace: NİLİ SILVER, Gözlük/Sunnies: VALENTINO(yeni sezon) Şort/Shorts: YARGICI ; Ayakkabı/Wedges: NINE WEST (eski sezon)

 Küpeler/Earrings: KOTON ; Bilezik/Bangle: BOZCAADA pazar


Photo: Zeynep Güçlüten

Istanbul has many hidden treasures and Karakoy is one of the districts which has several of them. This one you see above is Karabatak, which is a Julius Meinl caffe, not a very typical Istanbul cafe but rather Parisien:) What I like about it is that it is cozy, comfortable and quiet. It even had a silent part for the nes who'd like to study! Here I am in my newest Louboutin pumps surrounded by flowers and deliciosu smell of coffee:)

Tank Top: TOPSHOP; Belt: TWIST ; Skirt: KOTON (last season)
Bag: NINE WEST ; Neon Bracelet: BATYA KEBUDİ; Necklace: NİLİ
Gold bracelets and rings: KISMET by MİLKA



These photos are from last month. It was one magical day since I had the chance of seeing Giya Kancheli in flesh and blood and listen to his latest masterpiece specially composed for the IKSV Music Festival. I nearly had a heart attack since we were late to the concert, but thank God it also had a short delay and we were in. The concert was held in an ancient Byzantine church, St. Irene which is very famous with its perfect acoustics.

Pantolon/Pants: BATİK ; Şahmeran Bileklik /Bracelet: NAZRA JEWELS (yeni sezon/new season)
Triko / Sweater: MASSIMO DUTTI ; Çanta/Purse: NINE WEST ; Ayakkabı/Heels: STEVE MADDEN

Carluccio's in Istanbul


Yesterday I was invited for a special wine and cheese night by Carluccio's, which will be opening soon in Istanbul. We tasted their special foccacia, cheese menu and delicious wines. I choose something gingham which I believe fully suits to an Italian night;)  

 Etek//Skirt: ASOS ; Tshirt: TOPSHOP ; Kemer//Belt: TWIST; Ayakkabı//Shoes: İnceTopuk
Plaka Bilezik//Gold Bangle: KISMET by MİLKA ; Küpe//Earring: GOLDAŞ; Taşlı Bilezik/Bracelet with Gems: KAPALIÇARŞI ; Broş //Brooche: ZECKIE